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When she’s not fronting the Vibe with Vicks, Shelly can usually be found behind the lens. She’s been a wedding photographer & filmmaker for longer than she cares to remember and travels the world shooting beautiful weddings all year round. Everything from grand luxury castles to tipis in a farmers field, Shelly is at home in all of them. She’s a Glastonbury lover and snowboarding maniac. She dreams of the day a client will ask her to shoot a wedding on a mountain in foot deep powder. She’s also a bit of a coffee snob and likes real ale. She owns a fluffy but stupid dog called Spike, and a not so small person she named after her favourite film director who spends all her time on YouTube. Together they live in a 500-year-old former Post Office and home of Paddington Bear in the middle of nowhere with no wifi but a really good coffee machine.


Vicks is the face of the Vibe – and thank goodness cos the other two have faces made for radio. She’s the marginally more sensible one. She’s an incredibly talented make-up artist and works with brides (and yes, sometimes grooms!), bridesmaids and mums on a wedding day. She also provides one to one make up lessons and, just to keep her on her toes, she dabbles in a bit of TV and film make up work too. She’s a bit of a globetrotter and regularly accepts commissions in France, Spain and Italy (she claims this is work… I beg to differ) and loves a selfie. When she’s not on a plane heading to somewhere chic, she’s often dreaming of snowboarding in the Alps and wearing sequins at Glastonbury. She dotes on her little niece and nephew and always has an emergency Battenburg in her cupboard, just in case… well, ya never know do you eh?


You don’t get to see Ian on camera much… he’s the guy behind the lens at the Wedding Vibe. But he’s also an experienced wedding photographer and videographer who travels up and down the country to shoot awesome weddings. Occasionally, he begrudgingly shoots alongside Shelly in exchange for tea and biscuits. He’s affectionately known amongst the girls as “The Tea Boy” – mostly because he loves a builders brew. No fancy tea though… just a proper northern brew. He’s also a technical whiz and you can find him doing mind blowing technical wizardry on his Meet the Geek site. When he’s not shooting stuff and taking over the internet, he is trying to hide from his wife Nicola and his three boys – The Eldest, The middle One and The Youngest One. He used to be a DJ and fondly recalls once having hair.


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